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Internal Medicine Referral Service for dogs & cats

Consulting & advanced diagnostic

This referral service is recommended for:


  • Pets where basic diagnostics has not revealed a diagnosis or initial treatment has not to lead to an improvement of the pet’s status

  • Pets with very complex diseases, requiring advanced diagnostics including ultrasound, CT, endoscopy (upper or lower gastrointestinal endoscopy, rhinoscopy, cystoscopy)

  • Pets suffering from multiple organ disease requiring multidrug therapy. 


Dr Quante will review the case and previous diagnostics and treatment responses.  She will then discuss advanced diagnostics or therapy strategies with the client in detail. Dr Saskia Quante aims to educate owners on their pet's disease, so they can make a well-informed decision for their pet.  Whenever a multidisciplinary approach is needed Dr Quante will involve other specialists to allow the highest standard of care for your pet. 

The service involves the diagnosis & treatment of following problems:

  • Gastrointestinal tract, liver & pancreas diseases

  • Kidney disease & lower urogenital tract disease

  • Heart & Lung disease (cardio-respiratory)

  • Disease of the Immune-system 

  • Infectious diseases

  • Hormonal disturbances

  • Blood & Bone marrow disorder

  • Cancerous conditions

  • Neuromuscular diseases

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