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How should I prepare my client & patient

The client:

The appointment will usually take around 2 hours if blood tests and ultrasound needs to be done. Please discuss with them that most ultrasound findings likely require a review by the specialists as this is operator dependent and the specialist is trained in assessing the findings in more detail to plan the next step.

For more see FAQ for clients


The patient:

Fasting: the client should withhold food & snacks to the pet for 12 hours.  Water can be given. The owner can bring a portion of their pet's food with them to the clinic. 


Contraindications for fasting a pet:

  • Very young pets or a toy breed should not fast to long

  • Patients requiring regular medications: check if it can be postponed, or can be given on an empty stomach. If in doubt, apply it as usual.

  • Diabetic patients do not fast. 


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