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How can I prepare myself for a referral?




Fast your pet:

Withhold food & snacks for 12 hours before.  Water can be given. Bring a portion of your pet's food along, to allow feeding as soon the tests are done.


Read about contraindications for fasting:

  • Very young pets or toy breeds should not fast unsupervised.

  • Patients requiring regular medications given with food  (Discuss it with your GP, if you can delay it. If unsure, please give it)

  • Diabetic patients do not fast. 


Please remind your GP to forward all the relevant. medical records, images and blood tests (in-house & external)


Bring your pet's medication with you or write the information down (e.g. Amoxicillin, 250 mg, one tablet twice daily)

Note: Some consultations & diagnostics take more time.  In such cases, you can either leave your pet with us or prepare yourself to wait.

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