Note: In order to support social distancing Dr Saskia will mainly do Teleconsults. She will contact you before the appointment to get a detailed history and introduce herself to you on the day of consultation. Depending on the case we will do video calls or normal phone calls to update you. She will then work up the case at the clinic together with an experienced nurse. Your pet will be taken care off at all times. After the actual consult, you will receive a detailed report and further diagnostic and/ or treatment plan. If you have any concerns please discuss it with us. 

What to expect at the day of referral?

Typically a consultation takes 60 minutes. If additional testing is needed, we recommend allowing around 2 hours. Sometimes tests will take longer, or need to be scheduled on another day. This varies from case to case. We try our best to inform you before the appointment, to allow you to plan the day.  


Dr Saskia Quante usually will review the essential medical history, your pet’s symptoms, the previous diagnostics, treatments and therapy responses. When all test results are in, she will finalise a diagnosis,  treatment options &  prognostic information for you. 


Once your pet is stable and responding well to the treatment you will be referred back to your familiar GP.

Note: Some consultations & diagnostics take more time.  In such cases, you can either leave your pet with us or prepare yourself to wait.



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